Butter & Spice is a blog featuring low carb and keto-friendly recipes and ideas inspired from the culinary tastes around the world.

Butter and Spice is the virtual product of a lifelong foodie couple after being on a keto diet for about 2 years. Born in different parts of the world, we were brought together by fate and kept together by our mutual interest in food. Before adopting the keto diet as a lifestyle change, we used to travel distances just to explore the unique dishes. However, keto diet is not very forgiving when it comes to eating Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian or Asian food. So instead of feeling sorry for not being able to try the food we love, we decided to take the matter into our own hands and started experimenting with the keto and low carb versions of the dishes we loved.

That was the birth of this food blog. A selection of the successful recipes and ideas that are low carb, loaded with flavor and easy to make.The name of the website is representative of our view on cooking: butter for the fat content in a keto or a low carb diet and spice for all the different spices and flavors in the cuisines explored.